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Code of Conduct
« on: February 26, 2011, 03:34:58 AM »
Code of Conduct
Our goal in the 1st "East Prussian" Infantry is to raise a professional, respectful, mature, and disciplined Regiment. This means that we hold our men to a higher standard than many other regiments. This thread will include basic guidelines and more in depth descriptions of what we expect out of all members of this regiment. From Rekruten to our Offiziere, all of our members are expected to uphold this Code of Conduct at all times while wearing our tags. Our actions are a reflection on the regiment. Therefore, it is up to us to make sure that we have an untarnished reputation in the community.

We understand that the amount of regulations listed here may seem daunting, but remember that this is more a breakdown of what to do in each situation. It can be summarized by a simple word: Chivalry. Members of the 1st are held to a higher standard more akin to that of medieval knights and gentlemen of the era. We understand this does not work for everyone, but it is required of anyone joining this regiment. If you are unable to uphold this higher level of conduct, you will be asked to leave the regiment.

General Guidelines
1. Be respectful to everyone. This includes your comrades in the 1st, members of other regiments, public players, admins, officers, non-commissioned officers, and people on the forums.

1.a. The First East Prussian Infantry is not a political organization and has no ties to any real life ideologies or politics in any way. The EPI is not a place to proselytize your political beliefs. And it is requested that you act in a respectful manner at all times and avoid potentially contentious topics, especially if asked to change the subject.

2. Conduct yourself in a professional and mature manner. This means that cursing, glitching, trolling, flaming, and name calling or other forms of fighting are not allowed. This is especially important when we are in events or on a public server.

3. Follow Orders. It is paramount for the survival of the regiment that all orders given by our Offiziere and Unteroffizieren are followed to the letter and without question or argument. There is a time and place to discuss tactics and whether or not certain orders should be given or not. Directly after the order is given is not one of those times. This also applies to the Rules laid out by admins on their servers. We respect the right of admins to run their servers.

4. Do not retaliate. Regardless of the situation, if something is done to you (ie Teamkill, insult, etc) you are not to retaliate! Instead, you are to inform an officer or admin and report the problem. Anyone found retaliating will be dealt with in the same manner as the original offender.

Detailed Description
Our Code of Conduct changes depending on where we are and what we are doing. However, a professional, disciplined, and respectful attitude is always required.

Free Play: Free play is defined as an unstructured play on the 1stEPI server alone with other members of the regiment or friends of the regiment. Free play will only happen when there are few enough people that we do not need to worry about public opinion or fair gameplay. An officer or senior NCO will specify when it is considered free play. This is the least structured of the forms of play and is the time for messing around and joking. Despite the laid back style of gameplay, our "General Guidelines" will still be enforced. Bickering, name-calling, and fighting are still not allowed and all members are required to uphold a respectful attitude towards their fellow soldiers.

Alternate Ops: The most fluid modes of gameplay, side-ops are dependent on the wishes of the host. Some hosts will prefer similar structure and discipline to main ops, and it is your duty to oblige them if you are participating. If you do not like a particular host's sideop or their requirements, nobody is forcing you to play and you are expected to excuse yourself, rather than derail the Op. Other hosts will allow for a more relaxed play. Even so, the Respect and General Guidelines remain in effect.

Trainings: This is one of the more serious modes of gameplay. Chatting and talking on teamspeak is limited and needs to be kept on topic. Although we encourage questions, they are to remain on topic and general discussion of tactics are not allowed unless called for by the officer in charge. In-game, members are expected to follow orders and remain disciplined at all times. Free movement, excessive vaulting, ass-crawling, and excessive typing or talking are all discouraged and any serious issues will result in negative spot reports.

Main Ops: This is the strictest form of game play. Talking and Typing are strictly prohibited and are limited to officers giving orders, and the line echoing said orders. In game, all members are to be on their best behavior and any problems will be dealt with quickly and harshly. This is where we make our reputation and anyone disrespecting or reflecting poorly on the regiment will be dealt with quickly and harshly. Ramboing, team killing, and other forms of undisciplined behavior is not acceptable and will result in a negative spot report. General talking is limited to downtime and must cease once commands are given. Abuse of teamspeak will result in a negative spot report. Anyone questioning the order of an officer during an event WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISCHARGED FROM THE EVENT and will be issued a negative spot report.

Teamspeak is a vital means of communication in this regiment and contributes greatly to our overall cohesion and functioning. However, certain requirements are to be upheld if it is to continue to remain open for your use.

1. Our Code of Conduct applies to teamspeak as well. The form of gameplay being used will carry over to teamspeak. If we are in "training" mode, excess chatter and off-topic discussion will not be allowed.

2. In adherence to common courtesy and the professional, mature community which we intend to uphold, members will uphold a respectful attitude at all times, limit the use of profanity, and refrain from obscene topics.

If you have any problems on teamspeak with other members of the 1st, or non-members in our channel, inform an officer and they will deal with it.

Our Code of Conduct carries over to forums pages as well. This includes this forum as well as the Bohemia Interactive forums. All members are to stay civil in every post they make on the forums. You are to present the facts of your argument without the use of insults or personal slams. There is no need to sink down to the level of everyone else. Civility is required by all members of this regiment. If you are unable to argue your point without breaking these requirements, leave the forum because we will not tolerate our members contributing to a general lack of respect on the forums.
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