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[Approved] Rkt. L. Hopper
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Basic Information

Name of Rekrut:        Rkt.L. Hopper        

Rekrut's Steam Username:        TigerT34        

The Rekrut has read and understands the Code of Conduct of The East Prussian Infantry:     YES

This Rekrut can Regularly Attend:

Thursday Unit Training - 8pm EST      No
Saturday Platoon Operation - 3pm EST        No

Additional Information

This Rekrut's Age Is:    

This Rekrut's Timezone Location:    
Pacific Standard

How This Rekrut Heard about The East Prussian Infantry:    
EPI Member    

This Rekrut was suggested by:  

This Rekrut Has Prior Experience in:  
I ran the damn show.

Additional Comments

Retiree/Play when I can.

Artillery (Deployable and Towed)
Vehicles (Tracked and Wheeled)
Radio Operation
Historical Accuracy