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Accepted Applications / [ACCEPTED] Rkt Mcsplosion
« on: February 02, 2015, 03:42:54 AM »
1.   In-Game Name: (Your In-Game Name SHOULD be the same as your Forum Name, for the sake of organization): Mcsplosion

2. Steam Name: {Slag}Mrexplodey

3.   Our regiment prides itself in maturity, organization, and responsibility. Are you prepared to:
      a.   Attend all events that you can, and excuse yourself properly if you are unable to?
      b.   Learn our commands and rules, and follow them?
      c.   Respect our members and the members of other regiments in the Prussian Army, regardless of rank, age, sex, race, religion, etc.?
      d.   Conduct yourself in a manner that is befit of a member in the 1stEPI and the Prussian Army? Yes.

4.   Take a moment to read our rules. Do you agree with the policies the regiment runs by? You will be held accountable for knowing them and following them.

5.  what follows is a list of our event schedule. Please say YES or NO next to the events that you can or cannot attend. Please, no “maybes” or “I could try”. A “yes” to an event means you should be able to attend 75% of the time. Also, please note, all events are based on EASTERN STANDARD TIME U.S. Please consult the web if you have questions about time-zones and what time-zone you are in. Finally, we need all recruits to attend at minimum ONE LINEBATTLE and ONE TRAINING.
     a.   Tuesday Linebattle – 8pm Yes
     b.   Thursday Training – 8pm yes
     c.   Friday Linebattle – 9pm Yes

These are optional, but it is encouraged that you answer them. It will help the NCO's when working with you.
1.   Age:13

2.   Time-Zone Location (If not known, simply state your Country): Usa

3.   How did you hear about the Regiment? Did someone recommend you to our regiment? If so, who? one of the members. i think it was Yusuf.

4.   What is your favorite position to play in the game? Infantry, cavalry, or artillery? I really don't have any favorites. although i do like artillery and infantry better than cav.

5.   How long have you played Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars for? Are you a new-comer or a seasoned veteran of the franchise? I Got it a while back in december

6.   Prior to the 1stEPI, have you been in other regiments or tried other “military simulation” groups, clans, or games? No, not really.

Thank you for filling out the questionnaire. Post it up, and we’ll back to you shortly. Check back often, as we will deliver you the next set of instructions after you post and your application is approved or denied.

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