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Events & Announcements / Re: Anniversary Event
« Last post by Fuzzydude0 on December 17, 2016, 09:13:14 AM »
Oh, but you must travel through those woods again and again
and you must be lucky to avoid the wolf every time
But the Wolf
The Wolf only needs enough luck to find you once.

First place, with jaws extended; I'm coming for you.
Events & Announcements / Re: Anniversary Event
« Last post by InferiorBaton on December 17, 2016, 08:50:03 AM »
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Events & Announcements / Anniversary Event
« Last post by Gunny on December 17, 2016, 08:49:11 AM »
Wednesday, December 21, 2016 we will be having a small anniversary event with a melee tournament and horse race. Prizes to be announced.
Events & Announcements / Re: Arma Campaign
« Last post by Superfanboy on December 11, 2016, 11:14:29 PM »
I would love to join! and since i resigned from my job that means I have more time! Anti Tank is usually my main job, but if your feeling suicidal I can also be Squad Lead :3.
Events & Announcements / Session 1: After Action Report
« Last post by Fuzzydude0 on December 11, 2016, 03:54:18 AM »
Reinhardt: Commanding Officer
Hopper: Designated Sniper
Gewis: Machine Gunner
Fuzzydude0: Machine Gunner Assistant
HandofGod: Infantryman
Sharpshooter: Infantryman

Mission parameters:
Begin the opening assault on Soviet held Polish town, Brzezin, no later than 9:00. Squad will move East and kill all enemies, liberate any intel documents, and generally make the road safe to advance. Squad to be issued 2 half tracks, and 2 motorized wagons (one unarmed) as support. Additional field hospital erected at friendly base.

The mission starts with our commanding officer, Reinhardt, giving us a quick run down on his plan of attack. He would take Hando and Sharpy on a hard flank through the woodsy left side of the road, using a halftrack. Gewis and I were to put up machine gun fire from the front, straight down the same road. Once the opposition was brushed aside, we'd rally up around 300-400 meters down the road, and prepare for retaliation. The plan was loose, but Reinhardt felt the best course of action was to play it by ear. There were no questions, concerns, or doubts to this plan.
We set off immediately. Reinhardt took his group around as far as they could go, giving the machine gun team strict orders not to fire until we ourselves could hear shooting. The first shots of the assault, I believe, were the surprise shots of our own half track. This will likely be debated by scholars later, but let it be known that the Bolsheviks were sluggish and sleepy this day. Enough so that Reinhardt's opening operation commenced and executed without a hitch, perfectly. The machine gun team was waved over to regroup at the end of the street. Little did they know, the enraged reinforcements of the red army had already deployed.

Several trucks arrived out of the east, veering widely to the north and south respectively. The vehicle that attempted to charge from the north was shot to pieces before it could make much headway. The vehicle from the south had its flank ripped up by machine gun fire, but swerved into the fenced yards of the town to escape to concealment. The machine gun crew pursued, going back west after the beast. Little did they realize, the truck rounded out to the street and put down all of its acceleration in an attempt to run over Reinhardt. Reinhardt's half track, at this time, suffered a mechanical failure involving the front wheels. The team dismounted and resigned to continue their sweep on foot. Thus exposing Reinhardt for the truck's nefarious ramming scheme. HandofGod, being sharp eyed and quick witted, issued forth a volley of grenades into the path of the truck. Luck was on Reinhardt's side that day, as the shrapnel tore through the bottom of the truck and flayed the dozen or so men that awaited inside. The driver was also slain in this manner, and Reinhardt was merely brushed as the truck grazed passed him.
The sudden detonations from the series of grenades alerted an enemy Reinhardt's team had not expected as they took the left flank of the road. Even deeper on the left flank, North East of their downed half track, a trench had been dug into a low grassy hill. And installed into this trench were no less than two Maxim heavy machine guns, supported by a full squad of enemy Reds. It is with their sudden eruption and volume of fire that our squad suffered its first causality.

Gewis had set himself up on a pile of sandbags, ready to intercept the squad of reds at the top of the hill. He never saw the Maxims. All at once, Gewis hit the floor with a finger sized hole through his head. A few seconds later, his helmet landed nearby. The squad suddenly realized their own mortality, and promptly hit the deck. Those closest to Gewis attempted what little medical training they had to save his life. But alas, no amount of band aids could stop the bleeding. Not even the ones with Mickey Mouse on them. Reinhardt looked upon his men and found them still brimming with grenades, but not a single one of them had anything that could form a smoke screen. So the age old command of, "on three" was issued. And when three was called, the whole squad up and ran to the nearest building to use as cover.
The Squad fanned out along the length of the trench, taking shots when they could, but mostly just staying low. Reinhardt would, on occasion, turn around to tell the men closest to him some new orders. Each time he found one less pair of eyes pleading back at him. The maxims needed to die. The squad would once again call on the wits and prowess of HandofGod. Hando had managed to stealthily make his way around to the north side of the trench, with clear view to the Maxims. As he tells it, both of the gunners fell to the same bullet. The rest of the squad doubts this, but we all had our faces in the dirt so there really is no other view point to counter this. With the Maxims disabled, the squad was finally able to press in and storm the trench. Sharpshooter had the honor of being the first in, and killed anything that refused to believe the enemy was already upon them. Almost. A single Bolshevik survived, despite numerous bullet holes. Communications were a little frayed as what was left of the squad shambled into the trench. The Bolshevik would be shot once more before the all clear was sounded.

And as the squad looked upon the survivors they made the horrifying discovery that they had suffered over 80% casualties. Reinhardt, full of rage, took the Bolshevik aside, and pressed his side arm into a wound. They had a brief talk. The Red soldier was surprisingly willing to talk, however, and sung like a canary. He told Reinhardt all sorts of marvelous things; numbers, positions, and even compositions. Just when the talk was running out of topics, enemy reinforcements thundered in from the north. Reinhardt ordered the recovered Gewis to treat their guest to some bread. Gewis must have missed his intention however, and this lead to disaster in the near future. As for now, the squad rose with fury and met the attackers head on. Within a matter of seconds, the enemy was dead. Fuzzy, sensing opportunity, went off into the town to go looting on a supply run. This left Gewis without an assistant, and a gaping hole in the armor of the squad. The prisoner, blabbermouth that he was, saw the hole and knew it for its worth. With unholy bear wrestling soviet strength, the Red soldier lurched at Gewis, stealing his sidearm. Gewis managed to bat the fanatic away, but in doing so, gave the cretin a clear shot at our Machine gunner's waist. Despite being over 200 meters away, with silver necklaces belts of bullets dangling against his ears, Fuzzy could hear those fatal blows.
In panic, Fuzzy scrambled out of the house and ran face first into the previously abandoned half track. The sudden jolt to the frame must have knocked the wheels back into alignment, as Fuzzy mounted the vehicle and tore up the field to rejoin his squad. He found them milling around the trench, nearly glowing with their effortless victory against the northern attackers. The squad, overjoyed to see their armored transport up and running again, all piled in. After reviewing their numbers and the state of their supplies, it was decided that they needed to return to base and restock. And so, for the first time, the half track made a retreat. The whole while, distant mortars had dialed in the town, and the shelling was creeping ever towards us.

Upon arriving home, the squad received their reinforcements in the form of Hopper. The half track was shut off, and handed over to a motor pool full of bewildered engineers. The squad recalled that they had a second half track in reserve, and were quick to utilize it. Wasting no time at all, they shot back out East, right down the center of the road. Reinhardt made it clear that they would ignore the shelling, and continue their straight on charge. To show no fear, and to shred what foolish infantry would dare stand in front of them. His speech was cut short when the rear of the half track became engulfed in high velocity anti aircraft fire.

The force of the shells sent the half track reeling, barely able to avoid crashing into a farm house. Men started piling out the half track in whichever direction they could. The back of the half track had massive gouges that exposed the entire crew to the punishment, the armor did nothing. Sharpshooter attempted to hop over the side of the railing only to embrace one of these shells himself. The concussive force of the hit ripped his body from his seat and even further. He careened to a stop nearly a dozen meters away. The rest of the squad could only watch in terror. Hopper and Fuzzy scrambled over to the farm house they nearly hit, hoping to use the structure as cover. Little known to them, a Bolshevik sniper was already using the house for his own purposes. Sensing the nearby superior german footsteps, the sniper kicked open the shutters of the window he was perched next to. As a deer caught in headlights, Fuzzy stood stunned. Hopper was about to bark out at Fuzzy to get down, but the line in the sand had already been drawn. Fuzzy and the sniper both raised their rifles at the same time, not even 2 meters away from each other. Hopper, being the only witness to this event, could only sigh and shake his head as Fuzzy and the sniper both laid dead.
The rest of the squad, acknowledging that they were in enemy territory, began searching inside the houses they passed as they made way towards the AA gun. And when they believed themselves close enough, they'd lob a blind grenade in the direction of the static emplacement, knowing the fools would refuse to abandon their weapon. Sharpshooter rounded the final bend, and had a clear few of the weapon. Its gunner, unfortunately, also had a clear view of sharpshooter, and began rotating to bring the barrel to bear. HandofGod, foreseeing the slaughter of his comrade, shouted a mighty battle cry and charged. He was closer to the angle of fire, and forced the gun to choose. The Red monster chose, and it chose incorrectly. HandofGod was blasted into a red mist, just as Sharpshooter threw his last grenade. The shrapnel struck true, and the Red Monster lost its final handler.

At this time, there wasn't a single man alive left in the squad that hadn't been wounded. Enemy reinforcements thundered up from almost every direction, and the squad was split in two along the road. And then, the squad heard a sound that would not grace the skies for another few years yet. A hostile REDACTED roared over the town and began firing REDACTED from its underside and flanks. Seeing opportunity, Sharpshooter and Fuzzy climbed aboard the recently liberated AA gun and brought the barrel onto target. Despite severe damage to the static gun, causing frequent jams and an overheat build up enough to burn its two operators, the weapon was vitalized in issuing forth a fiery death to the flying terror.
Despite the REDACTED going up in flames and crash landing in the middle of town, its occupants survived the impact. They pulled themselves from the wreckage and made a blinding dash across the street and into a wooded area. Their bodies were thickly armored in REDACTED and they wielded a previously unseen compact REDACTED similar to our own Elite issued STG 44. Their bodies were further adorned with all manner of REDACTED that was several decades beyond our current capability. Despite their impressive gearing, a slough of grenades and accurate rifle fire proved too much for them.

The enemy was now upon us in force, and we were still scattered and cut off from one another. Reinhardt, desperate for an answer, saw a way out. One of our radios, tuned to our artillery channels. Thinking quickly, TOO quickly, Reinhardt dialed in and gave our artillery the coordinates of the enemy. This was unfortunate, because in his haste, he neglected to realize that we shared those same coordinates. Or perhaps, he knew all along, and used his officer training to know when we were beaten. At any rate, the shelling began, and we started dying. HandofGod and Hopper, now over by the AA gun, were blasted apart in the initial shelling. Gewis realized it first, that the ordinance was falling short, and tried to outrun the blast radius. And then a shell detonated on top of Sharpshooter. Reinhardt, Fuzzy, and Gewis all simultaneously blitzed back west, hoping and praying that they wouldn't share the same fate. They even entertained that they were clear of the blasts, or that the previous shell was the last. Gewis and Fuzzy paid dearly for this insolence, when a shell vaporized the both of them. Reinhardt, now further than any of us could even hope to reach, was the last alive. And a single shell had yet to fall. Reinhardt had lost his luck, and was hit squarely.

Perhaps I have been too dramatic with my retelling, as the lot of us are here in the field hospital, with casts and wrappings enough to make the untrained eye weary of old Egypt. And while I fade in and out of wakefulness, I recall meeting a rather strange individual. He was adorned in all black, I could hardly recognize the uniform as being of the highest reaches of our SS. I assumed he wanted to know about the shelling, but he was much more interested in the Soviet REDACTED. When I finished retelling him what I saw and made sure to clarify that I'd write a report on the afterward, he assured me that I hadn't seen these strange things at all. I have further, been ordered not to speak of them again. To conclude, the man in black informed me of the next mission. It will be many times more dangerous than this first one. Our odds of survival are, as he described it, "Slim."
Events & Announcements / Re: Arma Campaign
« Last post by L. Hopper on December 10, 2016, 10:42:31 AM »
Sounds good to me! Count me in.

Let me have a tank pretty please.
Events & Announcements / Re: Arma Campaign
« Last post by HandOfGod on December 10, 2016, 12:25:40 AM »
MG-Schütze hier! Ich bin bereit!

I'll gladly fight off the Reds with my lovely "Helga." However, if there's ever a need for a "stand-by" NCO, I'm also up for filling in the role of squad leader.

See you all on the battlefield, kameraden!

You carry the fate of us all little one. If this is indeed the will of the fuhrer, Then Grossdeutchland will see it done!   (Ill take rifleman, or w/e needs filling)
Events & Announcements / Re: Arma Campaign
« Last post by DedZed on December 09, 2016, 09:09:19 PM »
This sounds fun, I'm always willing to defend the land of  lost virginity (Estonia). Mark me down as field marshall of the defense or as a recruit(I'm arma tarded).
Events & Announcements / Re: Arma Campaign
« Last post by Reinhardt on December 09, 2016, 04:35:27 AM »
MG-Schütze hier! Ich bin bereit!

I'll gladly fight off the Reds with my lovely "Helga." However, if there's ever a need for a "stand-by" NCO, I'm also up for filling in the role of squad leader.

See you all on the battlefield, kameraden!
Events & Announcements / Re: Arma Campaign
« Last post by Fuzzydude0 on December 08, 2016, 09:13:36 PM »
Do you want to know more?

Looks good, see you all then.
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