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[OPORD] Invasion of Crete 27052017
« on: June 07, 2017, 08:33:45 AM »

26 MAY 2017
OPERATION ORDER 05-17 (Invasion of crete)

Time Zone Used Throughout the Order: QUEBEC
(Estern Standard Time)

Elements of 1. Gruppe, Erste Zug, Erste Kompanie, Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 1


a. Area of Interest: The Grecian Island of Crete

b. Area of Operations: Area encompassing grid coordinates 0602-0603, involving the central highlands, Fort Repentance, and Fort Ironmask

     (1) Terrain
  • Observation and Fields of Fire:
    Uneven terrain, rocks, and narrow roadways will slow both enemy and friendly troop movements, and will restrict accessible areas to both enemy and friendly forces. Movement will be slow, and fields of fire will be narrow.
  • Avenues of Approach:
    Fort Repentance and Fort Ironmask have limited avenues of approach and attack from the ground. These will Likely be well defended.
  • Key and Decisive Terrain:
    The central highlands and forts protect the main population centers of crete, and offer the next largest challenge in the mission of Crete. Securing these areas, will provide security and allow for an easier flow of supplies to friendly forces on the northern half of the island. Occupation of the central highlands will also provide a strong-hold point for launching the inevitable assault into the capitol
  • Obstacles:
    Obstacles will include steep terrain and vegetation. In some areas, visibility will be limited to less than 50m.
  • Cover and Concealment:
    Cover is limited to large trees and rocks surrounding the AO. Enemy forces have more established cover and concealment from their defensive positions, which will be encountered.

c. Enemy forces: Enemy forces are mixed contingents of both British and Grecian Armies.

  • Recent Activities
    Enemy forces have been mounting a defense of their island home. Civilians have been known to be uncooperative with friendly forces, and trained enemies are in some cases resorting to guerrilla-style warfare.
  • Strength
    Enemy strength on the island of Crete is fading.  They still maintain control of the large population and economic centers on the island. There have been increasing numbers of friendly troops on the island, and we expect this number to further grow.

  • Composition/Disposition
    Enemy forces are composed to no-more than conventional land forces, and mostly small-arms. They do not have naval or air support. Enemy soldiers generally operate in small squad sized elements in attempts to easily conceal their movements from us.  We expect greater numbers and equipment defending Fort Repentance and Fort Ironmask

Elements from Erste Zug, Erste Kompanie, Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 1, 1. Infanterie-Division will conduct operations in the central highlands of the Island of Crete encompassing the regions of grid coordinates 0602-0603 to destroy and disrupt enemy troops and assets in the region

Tasks: To capture strategic enemy held strong points scattered through the central highland region of crete. The Naval guns defending Fort Ironmask, Fort Ironmask, Fort Repentance, an Observation tower, an important crossroads, and an occupied windmill

Purpose: To destroy enemy moral and supply lines, and allow for easier mobility of friendly forces leading to the eventual capture of Crete


a. Commanders Intent:  Operations are executed and objectives fulfilled in accordance with direction from higher. Soldiers know and complete individual soldier tasks safely, and mission is completed with minimal casualties.

b. Concept of Operations:

The Decisive point will be when the Gruppe successfully captures both Fort Ironmask and Fort Repentance, providing a strong-point for friendly forces to move into the central ridge-line.

The Operation will begin with the Gruppe being inserted at 1430 in the Notre Dame Plain, with equipment and ammunition.  The Squad will be organized and leadership designated.

The Gruppe will then proceed, under the leadership of the Gruppen Fuhrer from the Notre Dame Plain to the first Objective, Fort Ironmask. The Gruppe should expect to make contact with enemy forces en route.

The Operation will conclude with the Gruppe securing the final objective within the central ridge-line.

c. Tasks to Subordinate Units and Staff:

(General) Ensure all soldiers are properly equipped for extended time in the field. Double check Weapons, Grenades, and Ammunition

  • Medical Personnel - Attached medical personnel will provide on-site care to soldiers of 1.Gruppe. Ensure medical personnel are properly equiped with enough supplies to sustain prolonged conflict in the field without resupply
  • Demolitions Expert - A rifleman in 1. Gruppe will be designated as the Explosives expert, and should be equiped, in addition to their standard load as a rifleman, with enough explosives to destroy enemy weapons emplacements
  • Grenadier - A rifleman in 1. Gruppe will be designated as the grenadier, and should be equiped, in addition to their standard load asa rifleman, with enough grenades to operate effectively as the grenadier on behalf of the 1. Gruppe
  • Staff personnel -  Any Unit Staff personnel attached to the 1. Gruppe for the operation on Crete should provide proper documentation and administration for the unit, prior to the start of their Operation. Attendance should be taken and recorded.


a. Logistics and Resupply: 
Resupply on ammunition and expendable equipment will be provided on request from the Gruppen Fuhrer by friendly logistics forces using supply trucks. Consider the roads available and the terrain, which may impede the speed at which 1. Gruppe can be resupplied.  Consider also the security of the area which requires resupply.   Soldiers should assume that re-supply is unavailable, and should be prepared for prolonged combat without resupply

b. Support:
Limited support will be provided by adjacent friendly forces.  Air Support will be available, and can be utilized sparingly by the Gruppen Fuhrer per the mission needs.  Consider Indirect Fire support unavailable for this operation


a. Command

(1) Location of the Commander:
For the duration of the operation beginning at 1430, the commander will be on post, coordinating mission efforts with friendly forces. The Gruppen Fuhrer, in the grade of Unteroffizier will lead the Gruppe on the ground.

b. Signal:
The Gruppen Fuhrer should be equipped with a Radio to communicate with command, and support elements. Members of 1. Gruppe will not have radio equipment, and will have to rely on vocal guidance from their first line-leadership in order to accomplish the mission.