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The Battle of Brest Litovsk
« on: January 05, 2018, 01:34:48 AM »
The year is 1944. The Russian summer offensive (Operation Bagration) has succeeded in many of its objectives save one: breaking the German ability to fight on in the East. With bad weather causing the suspension of the Normandy invasion plans, and the Italian mountains proving to be a bit more than a soft underbelly, Russia has been forced to fight nearly alone on the continent for much of 1944. This proved fortunate for Germany, as it allowed them time to regroup and even partially halt the Russian advance through Southern Poland at the Battle of Staszow during the Summer, the conclusion of which sees the Russian supply lines stretched to their limit.

The Russians, however, capitalized on the failures of Bagration and seized the Island of Ösel off the coast of Estonia. There the Russians entrenched themselves in ancient castles and began building airfields that could strike into the heart of Germany and obliterate any hope for German autarky. This plan was thwarted, however, when Fallschirmjaeger from Latvia conducted the first German airborne offensive since the disaster at Crete, and paved the way for a significant German force to seize the Island and capture the new Russian airfield.

Now winter is approaching. If Germany does not attempt to seize the initiative before heavy snows blanket the East, Russia will have an entire winter to reorganize and improve their logistical situation before finally descending on Germany and the rest of Europe with their communist horde. To the north, German forces attempt to regain control of the Estonian city of Narva, which would secure Estonia and Germany’s vital links with its Finnish allies. To the far South, Germany’s allies Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria attempt to seize the port city of Odessa, and trap the Russian troops that are rapidly advancing towards the base of the Carpathian mountains. In the center, German troops prepare to sally forth from Warsaw in the most vital offensive of all. They will attempt to recapture the vital railroad hub of Brest-Litovsk before the early snows become the deep snows Germany knows all too well. In securing the city, Russian logistical support will collapse in the Winter, and Germany may even regain the initiative completely. Failure, on the other hand, could spell disaster.

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Re: The Battle of Brest Litovsk
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2018, 02:52:05 AM »
I for one, look forward to this battle of brests.
Keep it down guys!